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Get the ULTIMATE experience with your Boss Body Membership- 24 Hour Gym, State of the art equipment (new equipment added monthly!) CLEAN & FRIENDLY facility with FREE Wi-Fi & internet. (Pandora, blue-tooth capable speaker). 


And if that doesn’t get you in the door, how about posted Daily Workouts, and exercise challenges to win FREE prizes.  (Who doesn’t love FREE?) 


Added BONUS, members receive EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to monthly events- Men’s/Ladies Nights, Gym & Equipment Orientation- and members can ‘Bring a Friend’ to the gym up to 6X/Month- FREE!  (ADD and ADDITONAL FAMILY MEMBER FOR $20.00 month)

Who said ‘sweat’ doesn’t pay!

We offer 1 month, 7 month, 12, 24 & 36 month Gym Membership Packages! 

Call today to inquire about our RATES & PRICING. 

Call: 660.221.1117

Gym Members receive unlimited classes for an extra $20.00/month!


New Enrollments by Appointment Only

1 Month Membership
7 Month Membership
12 Month Membership
24 Month Membership
36 Month Membership
7 DaY Trial


50% of the Trial purchase will be applied to membership if the client decides to purchase a gym membership immediatley after the trial is over.  CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A TIME TO GET GYM ACCESS / KEYTAG

GYM TOUR/Consultation

New Enrollments by Appointment Only

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