Owner | Trainer

I live, dream, and eat fitness every day of my life.

I fell in love with fitness while I was attending college as a Pre-Nursing Major. I found my passion for fitness when I experienced a rough time in my life. I was having a hard time coping from everyday life stresses to dealing with a physically and mentally abusive relationship from a prior significant other.

This was by far the turning point of my whole

life and future career plans. I wanted to become a stronger healthier person and also be able to share my passion to help inspire others. Consequently, this is when I changed my major to study Bachelors of Exercise Science to become an educated Personal Trainer.  As a dedicated Trainer I am always learning, researching, and investing to further my education and create a stronger foundation to help others.  I want to help you achieve you fitness goals and create a happier healthier lifestyle.


My name is Riley Bouska. Originally from Lee’s Summit, I am currently a student here at UCM studying exercise science.


Fitness became of interest to me during my high school sport endeavors when I played football and ran track.


Over these past couple years, I have really developed a passion for the gym. I am eager to continue my education and develop a career in personal training!



Growing up I had never been extremely overweight, but I did reach a point where I was unhappy with myself. Getting healthy in high school encouraged me to pursue my Exercise Science degree and go onto setting goals toward peak physical fitness.

I experience supreme satisfaction from helping others gain the same self-acceptance. In a world so focused on one’s outward appearance, it is so easy to lose sight of maintaining your overall health.


I have three beautiful daughters who have contributed to my passion for fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness. 


Growing up, I played softball, volleyball, basketball, and participated in cheerleading.  I’ve been both underweight and overweight. Facing many challenges throughout my life, fitness has always been the one thing I could count on - my “therapy,” and I want to share my knowledge to help others tap into their own strengths and capabilities and crush their goals. 


I am ecstatic to help you on your journey to a happier, healthier, stronger version of you.


My fitness journey began in high school when I started getting heavily involved in fitness related activities such as MMA, cheerleading, and physical education courses.


My passion for fitness has continued over the years and shortly after graduating high school, I earned NASM CPT certification. I look forward to continuing my education and experience as a fitness professional.


I strive everyday to help people build their self confidence and get them to their healthiest selves.