Nicki Marie


Owner | Trainer

I live, dream, and eat fitness every day of my life.

I fell in love with fitness while I was attending college as a Pre-Nursing Major. I found my passion for fitness when I experienced a rough time in my life. I was having a hard time coping from everyday life stresses to dealing with a physically and mentally abusive relationship from a prior significant other.

This was by far the turning point of my whole

life and future career plans. I wanted to become a stronger healthier person and also be able to share my passion to help inspire others. Consequently, this is when I changed my major to study Bachelors of Exercise Science to become an educated Personal Trainer.  As a dedicated Trainer I am always learning, researching, and investing to further my education and create a stronger foundation to help others.  I want to help you achieve you fitness goals and create a happier healthier lifestyle.